keskiviikko 11. toukokuuta 2016

Feelings of the weekend

Last weekend we were celebrating mothers and of course enjoying of the warm weather!!

On Saturday we went first to my granny's place to celebrate and from there we went to my mum's. Kids were totally enjoying of the visits! Somehow it is always so touching to see the bondage between kids and great grandparents and grand parents. You can truly feel how important they are to each other.

Raw cake, there you are!
I made some raw cake to our Saturday's trip. In advance I thought a little of what would my granny, the traditional butter-sugar-flour -baking master, say about this type of delicacy. I don't know for sure if she actually understood what kind of "thing" is raw cake but very politically correct she was indeed. "Quite unique flavor combination", she said ;) In addition to this cake I had also made a bit more traditional one. I did a white chocolate rhubarb cheesecake in a way I normally bake for parties, which means that I used white sugar, wheaty digestive biscuits and full fat cheese and cream. Oh boy that tasted great! But in my opinion that raw cake was awesome, too and I think my mum enjoyed of it as well.

All these for me!! Notice the crumble of bread, so that the reality would not be missed.
On mother's day morning I got very tasty breakfast and pretty cute egg holder from my daughter. She had painted it at her kid's club. This cute punch of flowers was also picked for me. In addition to these I got a gift certificate to "body mobilization" that I have wanted to try for a while. I am quite sure that after three pregnancies and three breast-feedings (1 yr each) there are some imbalances in my body. I will tell you then how it worked! Dinner was also made by hubby and his mother came to eat, too. So there were pretty much celebration of motherhood in our weekend!

Potatoes are waiting to be planted!

Oldies but goldies - my planting buddies!

On Sunday I finally got those potatoes planted, of which I mentioned in previous post! Now I just have to wait them to grow!! Let's see how much over Midsummer it takes to get those tasty new potatoes this year. I also planted some corn with kids. We would have planted something else, too but it was pretty windy, so we didn't want to risk our seeds flying all over the field. We went to walk in the woods instead! 

Bugs were also having some Mother's day lunch...

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